Computer Science Major Theory Requirements 2018–2019

The University of Chicago

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As of the 2018–2019 academic year, theory requirements of the computer science major have changed. Specifically, there are now more choices for the third course in the sequence.

The updated requirements are these:

  1. Discrete Math: CMSC 27100 or CMSC 27130.
  2. Algorithms: CMSC 27200 or CMSC 27230.
  3. One of CMSC 27410 (Honors Combinatorics), CMSC 27500 (Graph Theory), CMSC 27530 (Honors Graph Theory), CMSC 27502 (Advanced Algorithms), CMSC 27700 (Mathematical Logic I), CMSC 28000 (Formal Language Theory), CMSC 28100 (Complexity Theory), CMSC 28130 (Honors Complexity Theory), or CMSC 28400 (Cryptography).

This page displays the scheduling information for those courses in the academic year 2018–2019. Courses that do not appear in the following table are not planned to be offered. (If this changes, this page will reflect it.)